• 2 pack Tincture Bundle

    2 pack Tincture Bundle

    A package containing Elderberry and a hay fever tincture

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  • 4 pack Tincture Bundle

    4 pack Tincture Bundle

    A package containing Dandelion & Burdock Root, Elderberry, a hay fever tincture as well as the new sleep blend in the form of a tincture

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  • Ashwagandha


    WITHANIA HAS BEEN CALLED “Indian ginseng” as it isn’t used in Ayurveda in much the same way that ginseng is used in Chinese medicine: to improve vitality and aid recovery after chronic illness. It’s Hindi name means “horse smell” and refers not just to its smell but to a horses strength, indicating it’s use as a tonic, strengthening and aphrodisiac herb. It’s traditional uses have been confirmed by research. 

  • Baobab


    30 Baobab Capsules

  • Bladderwrack Caps

    Bladderwrack Caps

    Bladderwrack is a sea weed, that contains fucoidan   Fucoidan (a sulfated polysaccharide) found In bladderwrack also is a great ally in the fight against anti-aging as it promotes elasticity in the skin. Since bladderwrack is a great source of potassium, iron, calcium and zinc (it also contains vitamins A, B complex, C and E), it helps flush nasty toxins from the skin which can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Cayenne



  • Cell Cleanse

    Cell Cleanse

    A herbal blend for the lungs and also used as a cell cleanse. With the base of Marshmallow and a carefully blend of Oregano and Nettle Leaf 

  • Cell Food

    Cell Food

    This carefully combined herbal blend for have put together to fight any autoimmune disease. Draining the lymphatic system, removing mucous, reviving the body while strengthening the heart, brains and bones. Most importantly, boosting the immune system to it’s highest level. Cleansing all organs and the blood, while getting cells in order  

  • Chamomile


    Fresh Chamomile Flower heads and leaves

  • Chamomile Tincture

    Chamomile Tincture

    Digestive Problems Chamomile has been taken for digestive problems since at least the 1st Century. Gentle and efficacious, it is very suitable for children.. The herb is valuable for pain, indigestion, acidity, gastritis, wind, bloating and colic. It is also used for hiatus hernia, peptic ulcer, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Tension Chamomile which contains spiroether, a very strong antispasmodic, relaxes tense, aching muscle and ease period pain. It also relieves irritability and promotes sleep, especially in children. Irration Chamomile is very useful for hay fever and ...

  • Chlorella


  • Consultation


    A one to one personal consultation, that is aimed at the root causes to then come up with solutions and a plan to help you 

  • Dandelion & Burdock Root Tea

    Dandelion & Burdock Root Tea

    This classic blend of roots help to clear up blemished skin. It treats eczema and acne by gently invigorating the liver and Kidneys to remove accumulated waste, while it’s anti-inflammatory activity helps to improve skin eruptions on the head, neck, and upper body. Ingredients; Dandelion Root & Burdock Root

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  • Dandelion & Burdock Tincture

    Dandelion & Burdock Tincture

    This tincture has our seal of approval as part of any daily skin cleansing routine, as it's an excellent internal cleanser that also acts as a skin purifier by supporting the liver and kidneys. The blend of Burdock root and Dandelion extracts naturally promotes good digestion, and is also powerful as a general tonic for the whole body and for those who suffer from eczema-like conditions, as well as psoriasis and acne prone skin.

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  • Digestive Harmony

    Digestive Harmony

    Herbal tea blend for digestive issues  Ingredients; Chamomile, Marshmallow, Peppermint & Fennel Seeds 7g

  • Elderberry Tincture

    Elderberry Tincture

    Cough Syrup for coughs, colds and flu