• Gotu Kola

    Gotu Kola

    Centella asiatica   Gotu Kola is a rejuvenative herb taken for overall health and longevity. As it grows in nature, the leaf of Gotu Kola resembles our brain, while the stem mimics our spine. This doctrine of signatures shows us Gotu Kola’s affinity for cognitive health, cerebral circulation and enhanced mental function.  Used throughout history in Chinese Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda, Gotu Kola also exhibits adaptogenic properties, supporting the adrenals and aiding in our ability to ‘adapt’ to new environments, scenarios and situations. In addition, Gotu Kola rebuilds the nervous sys...

  • Green Glow

    Green Glow

    Moringa Cream   Ingredients; Moringa, Coconut, Shea Nut & Almond

  • Hay Fever Tincture

    Hay Fever Tincture

    We have made our herbal hay fever blend into a tincture. Check out our hay fever tea for more details (

  • Herbal Tea With One reusable Tea Bag

    Herbal Tea With One reusable Tea Bag

    14g of any herbal tea blend,  with one reusable tea bag

  • Kelp


    Kelp is a seaweed It’s  mineral and antioxidant rich, and is known to help soften and hydrate dry skin. Not only that, but it also helps your skin retain moisturise, keeping it hydrated for longer. It is known to reduce the appearance of breakouts. Sea Kelp contains minerals that penetrate the skin and remove toxins.

  • Kola Nut

    Kola Nut

    Kola nut stimulates the central nervous system and the body as a whole. It increases alertness and muscular strength, counters Lethargy and has been extensively used in medicine as an antidepressant, particularly during recovery from chronic illness. Like coffee, Kola nut is used to treat headaches and migraines. It is diuretic and astringent, May be taken for diarrhoea and dysentery

  • Logo key ring

    Logo key ring

    Show people the power of plants 🌱 and how cool they are with this key ring

  • Maca Root

    Maca Root

    Maca contains plant compounds called flavonoids, which has been suggested to be at least partly responsible for these psychological benefits. Bottom Line: Maca may improve your mental well-being and mood by reducing depression and anxiety, especially in menopausal women. It May Boost Sports Performance and Energy. Maca root powder is a popular supplementamong bodybuilders and athletes. It has been claimed to help you gain muscle, increase strength, boost energy and improve exercise performance. Maca reduces blood pressure and depression, in a pilot study in postmenopausal women: Lepidium m...

  • Marigold Tincture

    Marigold Tincture

    Marigold is one of the most well known and versatile herbs in herbal medicine. The bright orange petals are an excellent remedy for inflamed and angry skin, their antiseptic and healing properties helping to prevent the spread of infection and speed up the rate of repair from scars. Marigold is also a cleansing and detoxifying herb, and the infusion and tincture are used to treat chronic infections Anti-Inflammatory  Relieves muscle spasms  Astrigent Prevents haemorrhaging  Heals wounds Antiseptic  Detoxifiying Mild oestrogenic

  • Moringa


    Moringa Oleifera Moringa oleifera is a plant that has been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years. It is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. So far, scientists have only investigated a fraction of the many reputed health benefits. Here are 6 health benefits of Moringa oleifera that are supported by scientific research.   1. Moringa oleifera Is Very Nutritious Moringa oleifera is a fairly large tree native to North India. It goes by a variety of names, such as drumstick tree, horseradish tree or ben oil tree. Almost all parts of the tree are eaten...

  • Mwanga


  • Ocean Potion

    Ocean Potion

    Sea Moss, Chlorella, Bladderwrack, Kelp, lime and ginger blended with spring water. 

  • Raw Marshmallow Leaf

    Raw Marshmallow Leaf

    Raw marshmallow leaf

  • Raydiant


    Sarsaparilla Root Cream for psoriasis