Chamomile Tincture

Chamomile Tincture

By Any Greens

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Digestive Problems

Chamomile has been taken for digestive problems since at least the 1st Century. Gentle and efficacious, it is very suitable for children.. The herb is valuable for pain, indigestion, acidity, gastritis, wind, bloating and colic. It is also used for hiatus hernia, peptic ulcer, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome.


Chamomile which contains spiroether, a very strong antispasmodic, relaxes tense, aching muscle and ease period pain. It also relieves irritability and promotes sleep, especially in children.


Chamomile is very useful for hay fever and asthma. The proazulenes in the herb produces chamazulene on steam distillation, which is markedly anti-allergenic. Externally, it can be applied to sore, itchy skin and eczema. It also relieves eyestrain